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There are hundreds of new films produced every year, some of them are blockbusters, some of them hardly brake even, but most of them are in some way interesting. This website is dedicated to those perhaps less know or less popular title that still might hit the right note in your life.

Recently reviewed films

Ju-On: The Grudge 2002

Young social worker visits house of Tokunaga family only to find that there is something within these walls that remembers the old grudges.
Cast: Megumi OkinaMisaki ItoTakashi Matsuyama

Ju-On: The Grudge 2002 film review

Play Time 1967

Monsieur Hulot gets lost in a maze of modern architecture in office building and ends up in places he did not planned to visit.
Cast: Jacques TatiBarbara Dennek

Play Time 1967 film review

War Book 2014

Eight civil servants locked in small room have to decide if United Kingdom will enter the nuclear war... It is just hypothetical scenario, but the question is real.
Cast: Shaun EvansBen ChaplinSophie Okonedo

War Book 2014 film review

Hippocrates 2014

Young doctor begins his first day in hospital. He feels ready to face real patients, but even the first day will show how reality differs from his expectations.
Cast: Vincent LacosteReda KatebJacques Gamblin

Hippocrates 2014 film review

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer 2006

Young man, Grenouille, has unique talent - an absolute sense of smell, but the passion for finding the ultimate fragrance will push him to the limits of humanity.
Cast: Ben WhishawDustin HoffmanAlan Rickman

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer 2006 film review

The Blair Witch Project 1999

Three students, that research on the legend of 18th century Blair Witch, disappear without trace in the nearby forest. Year later tape is found that shows the events that lead to their disappearance.
Cast: Heather DonahueMichael C. WilliamsJoshua Leonard

The Blair Witch Project 1999 film review

A Beautiful Mind 2001

A brilliant mathematician, John Nash, receives an offer to work with the secret services in tracking messages encrypted in the newspapers. His task absorbs him so completely that he does not even notice his deteriorating health.
Cast: Russell CroweEd HarrisJennifer Connelly

A Beautiful Mind 2001 film review

Night Train 1959

Long distance train leaves Lodz and heads towards the sea carrying on board wide range of colorful characters and possibly even the killer.
Cast: Lucyna WinnickaLeon NiemczykZbigniew Cybulski

Night Train 1959 film review