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Brian Cox film reviews

Brian Cox

British / Scottish actor



as Argyle Wallace

The Seventh Seal 1995

William Wallace, the hero of Scotland, challenges the king of England in fight for freedom of his countrymen.



as Hermann Göring

The Seventh Seal 2000

Nuremberg Trials as seen by the American lawyers, who were chosen to organize them.


The Reckoning

as Tobias

The Seventh Seal 2002

The travelling acting troupe arrives to a town in which young boy is just being buried and a woman is about to be executed for killing him. But not everything is what it looks like in this story.



as Agamemnon

The Seventh Seal 2004

King Agamemnon joins forces with his brother Menelaus in order to get revenge and bring the beautiful Helena back to Greece. But to reach their target they have to attack the Troy.



as Melvin Belli

The Seventh Seal 2007

Based on a true story of serial killer that attacked people around the San Francisco Bay in 1960s.


The Sinking of the Laconia

as Captain Sharp

The Seventh Seal 2010

British troop ship is torpedoed on Atlantic Ocean, but when German captain realizes that there were prisoners and women on board he decides to start a rescue mission. The problem is he can’t rescue them all by himself.



as Baron William d’Aubigny

The Seventh Seal 2011

In 1215 English barons forced King John Lackland to sign the Magna Carta reform that took away part of his power. John did not took it well and soon went after the people, who opposed him.



as Sebastian

The Seventh Seal 2013

John Washington has special gift - he can enter someone else’s mind and see the memories of that person. But in case of teenage girl called Anna something strange begins to happen.

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