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Bruce Davison film reviews

Bruce Davison

American actor


Spies Like Us

as Ruby

1492: Conquest of Paradise 1985

Two incompetent agents are sent on secret mission near Soviet Union borders, but their natural incompetence suddenly changes the character of the mission.


The Misfit Brigade

as Corporal Joseph Porta

1492: Conquest of Paradise 1987

Soldiers from penal unit are sent to a suicidal mission on the Eastern Front.



as Senator Kelly

1492: Conquest of Paradise 2000

People with supernatural abilities are under constant threat of oppression from rest of the nation, who are affraid od their special skills. One of them, Magneto, prepared something that will change their minds.


The Triangle

as Stan Lathem

1492: Conquest of Paradise 2005

Shipping magnate hires a team of unique experts to solve the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle.

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