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Bruce Helford film reviews

Bruce Helford

American director

28 January 1952

Born 28 January 1952 in United States - American television writer and producer. He was the co-creator of The Drew Carey Show, he served as producer and writer for Roseanne, The Norm Show, Wanda at Large, Freddie, George Lopez, Nikki, and Bless This House. Beginning in 1995, Helford launched a vanity company, Mohawk Productions, to produce shows created or executive produced by him.


Drew Carey Show


The Seventh Seal 1995

Crew haircut, thick glasses and thick figure - that’s Drew Carey, an assistant director of personnel in a Cleveland department store. Frustrated with his job he can always count on his friends.


The Norm Show


The Seventh Seal 1999

Former professional hockey player is banned for life for gambling and tax evasion. To avoid being sent to jail he is doing a community service as social worker. At least in theory, in practice he does as little as possible.


Anger Management


The Seventh Seal 2012

Former baseball player is running anger management counseling, but he also has the same problem as his patients.

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