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Elzbieta Czyzewska film reviews

Elzbieta Czyzewska

Polish actress

14 May 1938
in WarsawMasoviaPoland

17 June 2010

Gained fame in Polish films playing wide range of characters from drama (Andrzej Wajda’s Everything for Sale or Wojciech Has The Saragossa Manuscript) to comedies (A Bride for the Australian, Where is the General and Giuseppe in Warsaw). After her husband, American journalist David Halberstam, was expelled from Poland by communist government she decided to move to United States with him, where she continued her career, but with limited success concentrating mostly on theatre work. She returned to Poland in 2007, shortly before her death in 2010.


Where is the General?

as Marusia

The Seventh Seal 1963

Clumsy private that jinx his whole unit stumbles upon a castle with cellar full of wine and also accidentally arrests the German general that is hiding there from Soviet Army.


The Saragossa Manuscript

as Frasquetta Salero

The Seventh Seal 1964

During the Napoleonic Wars officer travelling through Spain stays in a gloomy inn on deserted area. Here he begins the adventure into the world of ghosts, magic and mysticism.


The Holy War

as Gabrysia

The Seventh Seal 1965

The uncompromising rivalry between two local football clubs takes a nasty turn when a beautiful young woman gets involved with star player.

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