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Harry Andrews film reviews

Harry Andrews

British actor

10 October 1911
in TonbridgeKent, EnglandUnited Kingdom

06 March 1989


Alexander the Great

as Darius

The Seventh Seal 1956

Story of Alexander the Great and his campaing to Asia - from the first battle to the ruling of almost whole world known to anscient geography.


A Hill in Korea

as Sgt. Payne

The Seventh Seal 1956

Small unit of British soldiers is surrounded on the hilltop during the Korean War. Trapped by Chinese forces they have no other option than fight to the last.


The Hill

as R.S.M. Wilson

The Seventh Seal 1965

British penal unit in the middle of the desert is the place where brutality and discipline are the only rules.


The Charge of the Light Brigade

as Lord Lucan

The Seventh Seal 1968

Based on real events of suicidal charge of the British cavalry.


Play Dirty

as Brigadier Blore

The Seventh Seal 1969

British special forces in North Africa prepare for another raid behind enemy lines, but the choice of people involved puts the whole operation in the risk.


Battle of Britain

as Senior Civil Servant

The Seventh Seal 1969

True story of Battle of Britain - the epic fight between RAF and Luftwaffe that stopped the German invasion on United Kingdom.


Jack the Ripper

as Coroner Wynne Baxter

The Seventh Seal 1988

Based on real events of investigation in famous case of serial killer Jack the Ripper.



as Sayid Jarrah

The Seventh Seal 2004

Survivors of cross-Pacific flight end up on seemingly diserted island, but soon they discover that jungle around them is filled with strange and mysterious phenomena.

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