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Harvey Keitel film reviews

Harvey Keitel

American actor


Taxi Driver

as Matthew "Sport" Higgins

Sexmission 1976

Travis, a veteran of the Vietnam War, takes a job as a night taxi driver. Observing what is happening on the streets after dark he decides to do something about it. But as a former soldier he knows only one solution - violence.


Reservoir Dogs

as Mr. White

Sexmission 1992

After failed jewelry heist few criminals gather in a warehouse to find out who was the traitor.


The Piano

as George Baines

Sexmission 1993

Single mother with passion to music sets out to New Zealand, together with her daughter and piano, to marry a complete stranger.



as CPO Henry Klough

Sexmission 2000

Americans send their submarine to intercept damaged U-571 and the Enigma machine that, in their minds, will change the face of the war.


The Congress

as Al

Sexmission 2013

Hollywood actress is given the chance to make use of the latest technology - the producers can scan the whole her and since that day use her copy to play in the movies.


The Grand Budapest Hotel

as Ludwig

Sexmission 2014

Legendary concierge from luxury Grand Budapest Hotel in fictious Zubrowka accidentally gets involved in the intrigue involving politics and money.

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