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Jason Isaacs film reviews

Jason Isaacs

British actor


This Is David Lander

The Graduate 1988

David Lander is an investigative journalist always following interesting scandals, but not always with good results.


The Patriot

as Colonel Tavington

The Graduate 2000

After his son is killed by British officer Benjamin Martin joins the local militia and fights for the independence of United States.


Black Hawk Down

as Steele

The Graduate 2001

American operation in Mogadishu goes horribly wrong and soldiers are trapped in the narrow streets filled with armed militia.



as Major Mellitz

The Graduate 2002

Film based on a true story of Navajo Indians, who were used during the World War 2 as translators to send coded messages between units on Pacific using their native language, which made it impossible for the Japanese to decode them.


Green Zone

as Briggs

The Graduate 2010

Americans desperately search for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, but they meet obsticles even within their own intelligence.



as Captain Waggoner

The Graduate 2014

Veteran M4 Sherman crew has to take a green desk clerk to replace dead crewmember. The commander realizes how dangerous it is since they are facing a ruthless and desperate enemy.

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