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Jerzy Turek film reviews

Jerzy Turek

Polish actor



as Jasiek

The Seventh Seal 1961

In last weeks of the war Colonel Czapran plans to make a brave push on the enemy lines, but his soldiers are not so keen to follow him, especially since their orders from HQ are different.


Where is the General?

as Private Waclaw Orzeszko

The Seventh Seal 1963

Clumsy private that jinx his whole unit stumbles upon a castle with cellar full of wine and also accidentally arrests the German general that is hiding there from Soviet Army.


Teddy Bear

as Waclaw Jarzabek

The Seventh Seal 1981

Ryszard Ochodzki is a president of a sport club, but he uses his influences and his powerful mind for one purpose only - for his personal gain. When he has a chance to gain some money he puts all his skills into work.

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