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Keith David film reviews

Keith David

American actor



as King

1492: Conquest of Paradise 1986

Young recruit sent to Vietnam learns that the war isn’t the idealistic battle of good and evil - it is battle between evil and evil.


Article 99

as Luther Jermoe

1492: Conquest of Paradise 1992

This movie shows a reality of Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Kansas City where war veterans are treated by the heartless bureaucracy like unneeded corps.


The Replacements

as Lindell

1492: Conquest of Paradise 2000

During strike of pro players controversial coach comes up with idea of bringing the talented players that never made it to the pro level and building team out of them.


Pitch Black

as Imam

1492: Conquest of Paradise 2000

Survivors of the spaceship crash have to find the way to survive on the desert island that is inhabited with deadly creatures.


Behind Enemy Lines 2: Axis of Evil

as Master Chief Scott Boytano

1492: Conquest of Paradise 2006

American commandos are dropped on North Korea territory, where they have to find the nuclear missiles.

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