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Martin Freeman film reviews

Martin Freeman

British actor

08 September 1971
in AldershotHampshire, EnglandUnited Kingdom


Black Books

as doctor

A Beautiful Mind 2000

Bernard Black is owner of small old-fashioned bookshop that barely breaks even, mostly thanks to Bernard’s customer service skills... that he has none. He hires Manny to help around the shop, but his happy-go-lucky attitude really gets on Bernard’s nerves.



A Beautiful Mind 2000

Sketch show written by David Mitchell and Robert Webb, with help from such writers as Richard Ayoade, Ricky Gervais, Matt Holness and James Bachman.


The Office

as Tim Canterbury

A Beautiful Mind 2001

A mockumentary about life in a regional office of paper merchants in Slough - it’s manager with no people skills and employees trying to keep their sanity doing dull jobs.



as Mike

A Beautiful Mind 2003

Hardware store somewhere in London and inside 4 unusual men - student Steve, weird Kenny, veteran Rex and Mike, who is bored with his life.


The World’s End

as Oliver Chamberlain

A Beautiful Mind 2013

Five friends plan to fulfill their teenage dream of finishing the "golden mile" - drinking a pint of lager in each of the 12 pubs in their hometown. But the hometown have somehow changed...

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