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Mel Gibson film reviews

Mel Gibson

Australian / American actor, writer

03 January 1956
in PeekskillNew YorkUnited States


Mad Max

as Max

Rebel Without a Cause 1979

Policeman Max from special chase unit faces the roadgangs that terrorize the area.


Mad Max 2

as Max

Rebel Without a Cause 1981

In a world, where the gasoline is the most valuable thing, Max is wandering through the wastelands of Australia and finds a small community that is operating oil refinery surrounded by road gangs.


Attack Force Z

as Captain Kelly

Rebel Without a Cause 1982

Small Australian commandos unit lands on a Pacific island on a mission to find survivors from plane crash.


Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

as Max

Rebel Without a Cause 1985

Max reaches the Bartertown, where he gets involved in conflict between the two rivals for the power over the town.



as William Wallace

Rebel Without a Cause 1995

William Wallace, the hero of Scotland, challenges the king of England in fight for freedom of his countrymen.


The Patriot

as Benjamin Martin

Rebel Without a Cause 2000

After his son is killed by British officer Benjamin Martin joins the local militia and fights for the independence of United States.


We Were Soldiers

as Lt. Col. Moore

Rebel Without a Cause 2002

First majob battle of American forces in Vietnam seen from battlefield and the families back home.

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