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Michael McKean film reviews

Michael McKean

American actor


Saturday Night Live

The Graduate 1975

Iconic American sketch show that for last over 40 years is broadcasted live from New York studios using talents of best American comedians.



as Mr. Green

The Graduate 1985

Guests on a dinner party have to find which one of them is the killer. Based on a board game "Clue".


Dream On

as Gibby Fiske

The Graduate 1990

Martin Tupper works as editor for company that publishes cheap and sleazy books. His ex-wife married a man far beyond the point of being perfect. His secretary is lazy and has no respect for him. Since his life is in a mess Martin dives into the world of dating again and meets dozens of strange women.


Radioland Murders

as Rick Rochester

The Graduate 1994

During the live radio show someone is killing the people involved.


Haunted Lighthouse

as Captain Van Legge

The Graduate 2002

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