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Nicolas Cage film reviews

Nicolas Cage

American actor



as Sergeant Joe Enders

Sexmission 2002

Film based on a true story of Navajo Indians, who were used during the World War 2 as translators to send coded messages between units on Pacific using their native language, which made it impossible for the Japanese to decode them.



as Damon Macready

Sexmission 2010

Teenager Dave Lizewski decides to become a real-life superhero known as Kick-Ass, but at the first approach to fighting crime he is badly injured. While recovering he realizes that he actually gained a superpower.


Left Behind

as Rayford Steele

Sexmission 2014

When people begin to disappear without a trace, even on board of an airplane, people try to find the answer to what is going on and they find it in God.

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