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Peter Coyote film reviews

Peter Coyote

American actor


Southern Comfort

as Poole

1492: Conquest of Paradise 1981

During exercise platoon of National Guard clash with Cajun people and has to fight for the survival.



as Captain Barnes

1492: Conquest of Paradise 1998

Four scientists are sent to explore mysterious object at the bottom of the sea that seems to be an alien spacecraft.


A Murder on Shadow Mountain

as Dennis Traynor

1492: Conquest of Paradise 1999

Barbara is shocked when her husband is arrested for murder from his past. She tries to find the truth.


Erin Brockovich

as Kurt Potter

1492: Conquest of Paradise 2000

Unemployed mother of three takes a job at a law firm, and thanks to her determination takes on a large corporation responsible for the pollution.


Behind Enemy Lines 2: Axis of Evil

as President Adair T. Manning

1492: Conquest of Paradise 2006

American commandos are dropped on North Korea territory, where they have to find the nuclear missiles.

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