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Philip K. Dick film reviews

Philip K. Dick

American director


The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch


The Seventh Seal 1965

When people are forced to colonize other planets the illegal drug Can-D is their only escape from the grim and depressing reality. New drug that was introduced is giving the chance to jump to a different reality.




The Seventh Seal 1969

Runciter company offers the services of blocking the telepaths. When owner, Glen Runciter, is killed in bomb explosion his right-hand-man has to find who did it.




The Seventh Seal 2001

Spencer Olham is arrested under suspicion of being a replicant - android placed on Earth by alien species that is trying to colonize the planet. How can he prove that he is human?


Minority Report


The Seventh Seal 2002

John Anderton is Chief of PreCrime Division, new unit that was created to stop the crime before they will be committed using system that is able to predict the crimes. But new report shows Anderton killing a man he never heard of...


A Scanner Darkly


The Seventh Seal 2006

Undercover cop is infiltrating the group of dealers, but at the same time he becomes addicted to the drug they are selling. From that point he is no longer sure on which side he really is.

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