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Ray Liotta film reviews

Ray Liotta

American actor



as Henry Hill

Rebel Without a Cause 1990

The story of New York mobster Henry Hill from his childhood when he dreamed of becoming a gangster to the point in which he becomes part of Witness Protection Program after selling all his "friends" from mafia.


Article 99

as Dr. Richard Sturgess

Rebel Without a Cause 1992

This movie shows a reality of Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Kansas City where war veterans are treated by the heartless bureaucracy like unneeded corps.


Just Shoot Me!

as Ray Liotta

Rebel Without a Cause 1997

Jack Gallo is an eccentric owner of Blush, magazine about beauty, style and fashion. He has chosen quite strange set of characters to work with him, but one day his estranged daughter visits him to ask for a job.



as Rhodes

Rebel Without a Cause 2003

Ten strangers are trapped in secluded motel in Nevada, where they soon find that one of them is a killer.

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