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Robert Webb film reviews

Robert Webb

British actor, director

29 September 1972
in BostonLincolnshire, EnglandUnited Kingdom



1492: Conquest of Paradise 2000

Sketch show written by David Mitchell and Robert Webb, with help from such writers as Richard Ayoade, Ricky Gervais, Matt Holness and James Bachman.


The Mitchell and Webb Situation


1492: Conquest of Paradise 2001

Comedy duo Mitchell and Webb in their first solo project - sketch show telling short stories of peoples lives from inept writers to happy tramps.


Peep Show

as Jeremy Usborne

1492: Conquest of Paradise 2003

Mark works in an office of insurance company. He is responsible, reliable and dull. Jeremy is kind of unemployed musician, who is nothing like Mark. But they share a flat and kind of complete each other.


The Smoking Room

as Robin

1492: Conquest of Paradise 2004

Group of co-workers meet in the smoking room, where there is only one rule - "no shop talk". So they talk about... pretty much everything not work related.


That Mitchell and Webb Look


1492: Conquest of Paradise 2006

Sketch show starring Robert Webb and David Mitchell.

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