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Steven Spielberg film reviews

Steven Spielberg

American writer, director


Close Encounters of the Third Kind


1492: Conquest of Paradise 1977

Electric worker from Indiana sees a trange object flying over his car in secluded area. Chain of mysterious events lead the scientists to conclusion that UFO could really exist.




1492: Conquest of Paradise 1979

Soon after attack on Pearl Harbor Japanese submarine surfaces near the coast of California. They are here to attack Hollywood... if they can find it.


The Color Purple


1492: Conquest of Paradise 1985

Celie had not experienced happiness in her life - from her father, husband and his children she suffered only humiliation. However when her husband’s mistress moved in to her house it was a life changing event.


Empire of the Sun


1492: Conquest of Paradise 1987

Teenage boy has to find a way to survive in internment camp when he is separated from his parents during the evacuation from Shanghai.


Saving Private Ryan


1492: Conquest of Paradise 1998

Soon after the D-Day platoon of Rangers is sent on an unusual mission - in the chaos that followed Allied landings in France they have to find last surviving of four Ryan brothers, who is somewhere in Normandy.


Catch Me If You Can


1492: Conquest of Paradise 2002

Despite his young age con man Frank Abagnale Jr made it to the top 10 most wanted criminals. FBI agent Carl Hanratty is chasing him all around the States.


Minority Report


1492: Conquest of Paradise 2002

John Anderton is Chief of PreCrime Division, new unit that was created to stop the crime before they will be committed using system that is able to predict the crimes. But new report shows Anderton killing a man he never heard of...


War Horse


1492: Conquest of Paradise 2011

Story of a horse named Joey as he takes part in the World War I and strong bond between him and English teenager that soon will have to join the army.

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