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Terry Jones film reviews

Terry Jones

British / Welsh actor, writer, director

01 February 1942
in Colwyn BayConwy, WalesUnited Kingdom

One of the members of famous Monty Python’s Flying Circus.


Do Not Adjust Your Set

The Graduate 1967

Sketch based show created by some of the best British comedians, like David Jason, Michael Palin or Terry Jones. Programme started as show mainly for the kids, but it turned out that adult viewers were most of the audience.


Monty Python’s Flying Circus

The Graduate 1969

Legendery sketch show created by group of British comedians - surreal stories, unique characters and complete lack of respect for anything sacred.


Ripping Yarns


The Graduate 1976

Set of 1930s style stories created by Michael Palin and Terry Jones. Each of them presents different characters and different events, but there are certain similarites - every one of them is a ripping yarn.



as Poacher

The Graduate 1977

Clumsy young cooper leaves his father’s workshop and tries his luck in the town that is under constant threat from a dragon.


Douglas Adams’ Starship Titanic


The Graduate 1997

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