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Waclaw Kowalski film reviews

Waclaw Kowalski

Polish actor


Where is the General?

as Sergeant Kaziuk

Sexmission 1963

Clumsy private that jinx his whole unit stumbles upon a castle with cellar full of wine and also accidentally arrests the German general that is hiding there from Soviet Army.


Destination Berlin

as Private Ostrejko

Sexmission 1968

In 1945 Polish units attached to Russian army prepares to make a final push over the Oder River.


The Last Days

as Private Ostrejko

Sexmission 1969

The last days of World War 2 in Europe seen from point of view of Polish soldiers assaulting Berlin in 1945.


How I Unleashed World War II

as Kiedros, sergeant in French Foreign Legion

Sexmission 1970

Polish soldier that involuntary keeps getting in hot water during the World War 2.


Red Rowan

as soldier

Sexmission 1970

Polish forces engage in one of the bloodiest battles on the Baltic coast - the siege of Kolobrzeg, where well prepared Germans have no plans to surrender.

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