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Waclaw Kowalski film reviews

Waclaw Kowalski

Polish actor


Where is the General?

as Sergeant Kaziuk

A Beautiful Mind 1963

Clumsy private that jinx his whole unit stumbles upon a castle with cellar full of wine and also accidentally arrests the German general that is hiding there from Soviet Army.


Destination Berlin

as Private Ostrejko

A Beautiful Mind 1968

In 1945 Polish units attached to Russian army prepares to make a final push over the Oder River.


The Last Days

as Private Ostrejko

A Beautiful Mind 1969

The last days of World War 2 in Europe seen from point of view of Polish soldiers assaulting Berlin in 1945.


Red Rowan

as soldier

A Beautiful Mind 1970

Polish forces engage in one of the bloodiest battles on the Baltic coast - the siege of Kolobrzeg, where well prepared Germans have no plans to surrender.


How I Unleashed World War II

as Kiedros, sergeant in French Foreign Legion

A Beautiful Mind 1970

Polish soldier that involuntary keeps getting in hot water during the World War 2.

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