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Fish Donít Blink 2002 film review

Fish Donít Blink 2002 film review

Fish Donít Blink (2002, United States)

Running time
90 minutes
Our rating
⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪⚪⚪⚪ 6 / 10

Nautilus is a rundown restaurant in the middle of the desert near the Mexican border. After death of their parents brother and sister, Jimmy and Clara, are running this place, although it is not easy - first of all it is located away from the main roads, which means business is not great, but also Jimmy must divide his time between cooking and taking care of Clara. She has a developmental disorder called Williams syndrome, which means that even though she is grown up she has mind of 10-year-old. Her positive nature is not her only strong point - she also has hyperacousis, a very sensitive hearing that allows her to hear people far away, not to mention she seems to be able to hear her pet catfish. Although the two seem quite happy their lives will soon change - Jimmy plans to sell Nautilus so he can afford a nursing home for Clara where she can be under doctorís care. He on the other hand, finally without the burden of his sister, will have the chance to see the world. One day a couple arrives to Nautilus when their car broke down in the desert - Frances is dressed like a stripper and Pete is mysteriously quiet. They have no money, but plan to reach Mexico as soon as possible. They have good reason - mob is looking for them, so reaching the border is a matter of life and death for them. During signing of the papers that will send Clara to the nursing home and will put restaurant for sale there is small mix-up, which delays the things, but it doesnít matter anymore - Frances and Pete have already influenced lives of Jimmy and Carla. Or is it the other way round?

Simple and heartwarming story set in the middle of the desert, where brother and sister are about to make a change in their lives that seem inevitable, but at the same time they both feel the change is not what they dreamed about. On the other side two people, who were constantly on the run and now they can see what they were missing all the time. It was low budget production, but with good cast and warm atmosphere it is easy to get involved in the story.

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Fish Donít Blink 2002 add comment
Fish Donít Blink 2002 add comment

Watch Fish Donít Blink

Watch Fish Donít Blink

Creators of Fish Donít Blink

Chuck DeBus films

Chuck DeBus


Larry Eisenburg films

Larry Eisenburg


Chuck DeBus films

Chuck DeBus


Cast of Fish Donít Blink

Lea Thompson films

Lea Thompson

as Clara

Richard Grieco films

Richard Grieco

as Pete

Wil Wheaton films

Wil Wheaton

as Jimmy

Tonie Perensky films

Tonie Perensky

as Frances

Dee Wallace films

Dee Wallace

as Dr. Roswell

Donovan Scott films

Donovan Scott

as Leonard

Fish Donít Blink 2002 add comment
Fish Donít Blink 2002 add comment
Fish Donít Blink 2002 add comment